111pcs Quick Fill Coloured Water Balloons

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Have fun in the Sun…Enjoy the outdoors with these Quick Fill Water Balloons at your next party/event.

 Great Fun-Filled Activity for:

Sports Day




Charities events


  • Save hours of time filling and tying individual water balloons.
  • Easy to use for kids and safe.
  • Perfect for summer time fun, outdoor games, water balloon fights, and more.
  • Each bunch can be hooked up to a hose and filled in seconds.
  • When the balloons reach the desired size just pull up on straws and the balloons drop into bucket and automatically seal and are ready for action.

How to use:

  • Connect the Magic Balloons attachment to a hose.
  • Hold the hose with the Magic Balloons over the bucket and turn on the water. The balloons will fill up in seconds.
  • Once full, turn off hose and just give the balloons a gentle shake (this will automatically tie the water balloons)
  1. Gather the troops for a water balloon war.

Package contains:

 111pcs x Balloons

111 x Rubber Bands

1 x Replacement Tool

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