Just Add Water – Growing Sea Creatures and Critters/Water Beads Assorted Colours


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8 pc Growing Sea Creatures and Critters Just Add Water

Having a kids party, great interactive fun toy for the kids. See your Sea Life Animals and Critters expand and grow in soaked water within 24 hours..

8 Pieces includes one of each:

Sea animals include: Crab, Octopus, Seahorse, Starfish and Yabbie.

Critters include: Beatle, Skink, and Scorpion.


Various Sizes Approx: 20mm depending on sea animal/critter.

 Various Size Approx: Width 40mm depending on sea animal/critter.

Material: Resin


100pcs Crystal Soil Hydrogel Gel Growing Water Beads Assorted Colours

These are so colourful and will enhance any settings/event including: Room, Table, Vase, Wedding, Engagement, also a great party novelty gift.


Colours: Assorted / Diameter: 2.5-3mm /Diameter: After adding water 10mm-14mm

Great for:

Weddings / Engagements /Party Novelty Gifts /Vase /Home /Plant

How to use:

  1. Add one to one gallon of water or 1 level tablespoon to 2 quarts of water.
    (For large pearls, use distilled water).
    2. Allow 6-12 hours for beads to absorb water.
    3. Drain off any excess water with a strainer or strainer.
    4. Pour the finished beads into vases and bowls.

Warm Tips:
Add more water to pearls when they begin to dry to refresh them.

Colour beads will fade and change colour slightly. Layered beads with different colours. Simply place wax paper or plastic wrap between each layer of colour. Around step 1, it’s important to use the right amount of water to get the right colour. Adding too much water will cause the pearl colour to fade.
Due to light and computer screen reflection, the real colour may be slightly different from the photo shown.


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Just Add Water

100pcs Growing Water Beads – Blue, 100pcs Growing Water Beads – Golden, 100pcs Growing Water Beads – Light Green, 100pcs Growing Water Beads – Orange, 100pcs Growing Water Beads – Purple, 100pcs Growing Water Beads – Red, 100pcs Growing Water Beads – White, 8pcs Growing Sea Creatures and Critters